Modular LED Light System

                                        The SiteSuns Modular LED Light System is a unique lighting kit that adapts to almost any lighting situation. 

                                        The system can run on it's included lithium power pack for up to 3 1/2 hours, use it's 120v AC adapter for power,
                                        or connect to any 12VDC  source with the included cigarette lighter plug or terminal clamps.

                                        The LED unit can be attached to magnetic surfaces using the powerful magnet attachment, can be clamped to various
                                        support objects, hung from an overhead support using  a cord, or can be attached to  a standard photo tripod 
                                        (the flexible tripod is included for table top use, but a larger tripod is suggested for most situations). A 10' extension
                                        cable is included in the kit.  For repeated use in the same spot, several lengths of the 3M extreme strength attachment
                                        material are included and can be permanently attached to any flat surface which can be lightly sanded.

                                        It is very resistant to shock, being wet (it is not submersible or fully waterproof), and is very energy efficient.

                                        A separate battery charger designed specifically for the battery pack is included.  A full recharge takes
                                        approximately 5 hours.

                                        A small LED and support system (magnet and angle adapter) is included for the situations where a person
                                        needs to place a light in tight spaces, such as when working in the engine compartment of a vehicle, the innards
                                        of a network cabinet, or the back of an entertainment console.

                                        The light system is fully guaranteed for 60 days with a money back guarantee if returned in original condition within
                                        10 days.

                                        The price is $95 plus shipping.  

                                        To order, or if you have questions, please contact me at or 907 344-2009